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Welcome to Caina-Longbranch Defence Systems.

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Although all sections listed are active and are at least partially populated this website has been evolving as of late 2010 when it was finally launched for the first time for our group of companies.  Due to the range and complexity of our equipment line, if you do not see what you are looking for or need further information please contact us with additional specific requests until we are able to fully populate the website. For live links and more information please go to the Ordnance & Equipment side bar and click on the live links


Some of our Western, Eastern, and International Standard Ordnance & Equipment line that we produce, co-produce, program manage (including OEM components and parts) or distribute include:

  • Firearms / small arms / infantry weapons & related equipment

  • Small arms ammunition, metallic links, primers, and components

  • Machine Guns, cannons and their hydraulically buffered .50cal/12.7 mounts for helicopters (defensive), vehicles, patrol boats, and infantry ground mounts (sustained fire) along with optics and optic mounts. We Specialize in Legacy .50 Browning GAU-18/XM-218 aircraft machine guns, spare barrels and upgrades, & mounts, including for Rotary Wing Defensive Armament as a Forte. We also produce a wide array of .50cal - 12.7x99mm ammunition to support these guns with M-9, M-2 and M-15A2 metallic links
  • Grenades, grenade launchers, and hand grenades
  • Mortars and mortar ammunition with standard and advanced fuzes
  • Artillery & tank guns and artillery & tank ammunition with standard and advanced fuzes

  • Rocket launchers, rockets & rocket propelled grenades

  • Guided anti-tank/anti-armor missiles & launchers

  • Recoilless rifles & recoilless rifle ammunition

  • Explosives; primarily military but including some commercial industrial including TNT, RDX, HMX, PETN, DNT combinations, ANFO explosives, detonators , and some related equipment
  • Anti-tank mines, and some demolition charges
  • Hand held parachute illuminating flares

  • Aircraft bombs, bomb casings and fuzes
  • Light B-7 armoured 19,500 lb. GVW 4,500lb payload 350 BHP turbo high sulphur tolerant diesel or gasoline Reconnaissance - Fast Attack RFA-10 vehicles with 141" wheelbase & cannon armament currently being hydraulically buffered and integrated

  • Original Casspir MPV 4 x 4 armoured mine-protected 14 person troop transport vehicles, overhauled & optional upgrades and reconfigurations including recovery vehicles, manual or automatic & C-130 transportable
  • We are currently looking at three air conditioning options for heavy AFVs (Armoured Fighting Vehicles) to fill an urgent operational requirement
  • Specific full coverage level IIIA body armour & rifle strike plates for helicopter gunners, vehicle commanders & gunners in four weights ..

  • We are also involved in a number of military and commercial aviation projects including specialized overhaul, program management, and systems integration.  

We provide both new production and also in stock and refurbished equipment parts, components and spare parts including on an OEM basis to other manufacturers.


De-militarization of ordnance & ammunition in our manufacturing & production range including smallarms ammunition from 5.56 mm to 14.5 x 114 mm, cannon ammunition, rifle grenades, hand grenades, anti-tank mines, rocket propelled grenades, mortar, tank and artillery ammunition, aviation ordnance, and some larger un-guided rockets within our area of expertise. Whatever we can competently put together in the manufacturing process we can also take apart. Smallarms ammunition can be de-militarized at our facilities or on the customers site depending on the specific proposal.


Our Company is also involved in design and development of firearms, ammunition and military ordnance; providing production and logistics management and consulting in the field of military ordnance; refurbishing and enhancing firearms and military ordnance.


We also offer strategic/logistic planning and implementation in conjunction with the equipment that we provide within our areas of expertise.


Since the inception of our group of companies we are also involved in counter-trade; exchanging surplus / obsolete ordnance and equipment , including some aircraft and some vehicles, for new ordnance and equipment. As defence budgets change this can be a significant boost to many new acquisitions. 


significant boost to any new acquisitions. 


equipment. As defence budgets change this can be a 



, including some aircraft, for new ordnance and 






We also offer strategic/logistic planning and implementation in conjunction with the equipment that we provide with our areas of expertise.






Caina Longbranch Defence Systems (Canada) Limited
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Caina-Longbranch Defence Systems (America) Limited
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Caina-Longbranch Defence Systems & Engineering Industries (BH) d.o.o.
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Telephone: 1-343-375-0103

Facsimile: 1-343-375-0105

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