We have one Henry & Wright.30 caliber in-line pierce and priming machine that can be used for 5.56mm to .30cal or modified with risers & tooled up to price & prime other calibers as well such as .338 Lapua or other similar calibers. We were going to overhaul it for another caliber but have been too busy on other projects .

If you were interested in overhauling the machinery yourself, or wish to take advantage of the offers that we have received which provide an option to convert this machine to another magnum caliber and/or bring the machine back to "as new" condition these offers can be provided at cost without any additional profit included just to support the purchase..

One (1) Henry & Wright Pierce & prime machine, 1940's - 1950's production, U.S. made and in need of an overhaul.


Price: $27,000.00 USD We are also willing to offer the overhaul and conversion quote given to us at cost without any additional profit to support the purchase

Other Terms and Conditions:

Permits: Permits are provided from our end for export at no extra cost but if the machine stays in the United States, this is a non-issue.

Parity: Ex Works

Payment: 100% Prepayment or 50% deposit with order and 50% balance prior to shipment, however, due to the small size of this offer, transactions of this size are expected to be completed within 30 to 60 days to avoid having them go on indefinitely.

Validity: Subject to Prior Sale to the first confirmed order with prepayment or 50% deposit down.


N.B. We are also open to trade / exchange of machinery for our own small arms ammunition components and assembly production (above 5.56 mm & .30 cal), depending on what you have available. This machinery could include a Bliss 304 or 305 draw press with an 8" or 9" stroke, a Bliss 4 ½ cupping press, a Bliss 62D first draw press, a Bliss 162 or 164 taper and plug, a BlackRock head-turn machine or similar, a Bliss #4 or #5 header, and a mouth & neck aneal for .50 caliber.