Qualified Factory New PKM 7.62 x 54R Machine Gun Links 

                                                    Techincal Update & Certifcation below


Inventory Updated 18th December, 2014. Prices noted below reflect stock on hand. Regular orders have generally been between 2 million and 8.5 links per order, but as a courtesy we will sell as little as one case to help customers out at these prices and to support our ammunition program. Once this inventory is sold the prices may change to reflect new production in 2015 at 2015 production prices, as available. At that time, single cases/small orders may or may not be possible. We outline this only to avoid surprises and disappointment. We also produce new production 7.62 x 54R ammunition(page link) or provide surplus/stock ammunition, linked in combat ready configurations depending on budget and delivery/timing needs. As not all 7.62 x54R ammunition is created equal and some loaded for rifle use only, we highly urge that surplus lots of ammunition be tested for reliable function in PKM series machine guns; "Caveat Emptor" or "Let buyer beware". We can provide linking and testing as an option, even with customer supplied ammunition, or provide basic hand cranked linking machines, also in stock, to link yourselves in the field. 


100 rd belts with starter tab, 2 oiled belts per plastic bag, 28 bags or 56 belts (5,600 links) per one wooden crate (43 Kg/Gw).


Other Lengths: - We also produce 200rd and 250rd belts (or variations) upon request, but consider the 100rd with starter tab to be the most practical for most operations. These new production belts can also be converted into the two longer, or smaller, lengths simply with the use of a pair of needle nose pliers. This is exactly the same way the belts are assembled during production. Simply detach one starter tab and join full belts or part belts as needed. This can be done in the field by soldiers or in our production facility according to customer requests.


N.B. These links are factory new production from new qualified raw materials and not refurbished surplus links that are currently being refinished and passed off as new production, with disastrous and potentially fatal consequences in the field. In addition to being built under ISO 9001 -2008 standards, they are also produced to the Quality Assurance & acceptance TDP package for standard East block / former Warsaw pact military "class A" combat qualified components. These links meet or exceed these standards. 


Special Note: Properly designed & qualified 7.62x54R PKM links such as this, unlike single use disposable 7.62x51 Nato M-13 links and 5.56 x 45 M-27 links, are intended by qualified Eastern Standards to be reused up to 10 times if taken good care of. There is no need to order links with every ammunition order. Most of our 7.62 x 54R customers will order FMJ ball, tracer, API ammunition packed separately and load the configuration and mix of ammunition on an as needed based. Loading can be done by hand or with simple hand cranked linking machines. We can also produce and deliver ammunition pre-linked and packed in 100rd cardboard boxes in green PVC "combat packs", 1,000 rds per case upon request as one of our company’s own innovation. This is the first time that Eastern Standard ammunition has ever been merged with our NATO packaging for the best possible PKM "combat pack". We also can pack the same for 7.62 x 51 Nato linked ammunition as well. 


$20.63 USD/belt by the case, Ex Depot, Europe, subject to prior sale. 

(2,923,000 PKM links or 29,230 100 rd belts or 522 -5,600 link cases remaining in stock in Europe, while this inventory still exists). Subject to prior sale in whole or in part to the first confirmed order(s).



U.S. Inventory 

10 + cases: $21.66 USD/belt by the full case only ($1212.96 per case), Ex Depot, United States for fast, convenient CONUS / domestic delivery, subject to prior sale.


1-9 Cases: $24.00 per belt by the case or $1344.00 for 56 belts per case


1,013,600 PKM links (181 cases) or 10,136 - 100 rd belts remaining in stock in the United States, at the moment, with 3 X more also physically in stock from the same production run from our European inventory noted above, subject to prior sale). Inventories at both locations remain subject to prior sale in whole or in part to the first confirmed order(s). N.B. This price only applies to stock on had and re-supply from our inventory by Sea Freight. Emergency resupply by air at the customers request will carry the extra cost of airfreight, at cost, when requested


American Inventory can be scrambled and delivered to bases in the 48 states within under 1 week or less on a U.O.R. (Urgent Operational Requirement)     7 days a week, 24 hours a day.


OPTION: 200rd PKM Belts with starter tab, factory converted & repacked from new production European inventory only. $44.26 USD/belt by the case, Ex Depot, Europe, subject to prior sale with stock on hand


OPTION: 250rd PKM Belts with starter tab, factory converted & repacked from new production European inventory only. $54.58 USD/belt by the case, Ex Depot, Europe, subject to prior sale with stock on hand.


European inventory can be shipped out of our European depot by air, truck, rail or sea, either to the USA or other areas with the correct documentation. Export approval can in some cases be expedited on a U.O.R. with the appropriate export approval. Shipping can be provided right to the customer's door at actual cost to be completely impartial with the shipping solution.  Please refer to the Shipping Logistics section for more information. There is no extra cost for either the permits applied for or paperwork.


PKM links by the case as they are being loaded into the 20 ft sea container.  Case opened up for examination by one of our customers before shipment PKM link inventory at our European Depot,  Ready to Ship



Packing Information:


56 belts x 100 rd links (each with starter tabs) in wooden case (5,600 links per case)

Wooden case dimensions: 655 x 420 x 385 mm

Gross/net weight: 43 Kg /33.60

12 Wooden cases on pallet / 4 horizontal x 3 vertical

Gross weight of Euro pallet is 543 Kg (1,194.6 Lbs) including pallet

These links are packed into sealed plastic bags after being oiled and before being put into their wooden cases.



Also in stock New Production (not surplus) —PKM ammunition cans in 100 rd aluminum, 200 rd steel and 250 rd steel configuration. (100 rd alumium can temporarily out of stock at North American Depot only).



In addition to being a NATO defense contractor, the Caina-Longbranch group of companies established in 1985 has also specialized in Eastern standard ordnance & ammunition since 1986 and maintains extensive equipment and logistic capability.



Gov’t and bulk orders welcome. We are both CCR & ORCA registered. These PKM links are also available for sale to U.S. shooters and collectors, however, they are not for sale to residents of NY, NJ, CA, MD, DC, HI, and MA.  All NFA rules apply.




We noticed that the new production PKM cans we have in stock were not priced and could be and should have been. The prices are as follows with a minimum $200.00 order to avoid losing money on this new production item (new factory production, not used or refurbished surplus stock)

- 200 rd. 7.62 x 54R steel PKM ammunition can: $ 31.32 USD ( In stock).

- 250 rd. 7.62 x 54R steel PKM ammunition can: $ 25.80 USD (In stock, the highest volume can and the lowest price).

- 100 rd. 7.62 x 54R aluminum PKM ammunition can: Out of stock at the moment and we can no longer hold the old prices due to 2014 prodction cost increases). These actually attach to the gun like an M-249/Mimimi plastic 200rd 5.56mm SAW pack. Please inquire.

There are limited numbers of the 200rd and 250rd cans in the U.S. and when they are gone, more will be imported along with more 100rd cans and remaining PKM links, as available.


November 2013 Special Update note to PKM users and buyers: The NATO US Mil Spec system buys M-240 and M-249 ammunition already linked, in M-13 and M-27 links respectively. The Eastern Standard “PKM system”, almost NEVER buys the ammunition linked.


For the Eastern Europeans, and at least one smart USG customer in 2002, it is best to by both items, as available and link as required (belt loaders stocked & provided, if necessary). If one holds out to buy both at the same time like M-240/M-249 ( a little unreality) they might just find the ammo and loose the links. Budget craziness is off and our smallest USG order to date was 2,000,000 links - twice what we have in stock in the US. Our European inventory would be 90-120 days from import if we sell out US stock . If this happens some customers can be practical, however some other will get really angry with both of us because stock was not held for them. We are both made to feel like we drove a dump truck over their pet cat Rupert (meow!) and we need to somehow atone for this

Seriously, we spell this out to be clear and avoid the drama and the human anguish! Caveat Emptor


Certification: Additionally, we were just reminded that our recently produced 7.62 x

54R PKM links are the last of an era that not only received factory production

certification, but also strict MOD certification which was discontinued a few years ago

throughout Eastern Europe due to cost cutting measures. Its essentially a double

certification of the highest certified quality. When these links are gone, while we can

produce more we can no longer provide both our factory production and MOD





Another use for starter tabs & making larger or smaller belts in the field


This question was asked and should be shared with other readers The starter tabs in each 100rd belt also help to orient the belt so you are not inserting it in the upside down as you can only insert the belt one way with a starter tab always at the same end of the belt.


The surplus belts or surplus scrap purchased as steel scrap by the Kilogram from scrap yards that have been imported in many cases are for earlier guns and not necessarily PKMs. Not unlike buying used climbing ropes or parachutes and hoping they work most of the time. It the belt fails, then so does the gun. Some may fit and feed, some may not but most or many do not have starter tabs and this is why belts can go in upside down.


Additionally, the 100rd belts with starter tabs are the most practical however, when you need larger or smaller belts in the field the sizes can be made larger or smaller with a pair of needle nose pliers. This is the same way they are assembled by hand on the production line and we can also make or convert from stock larger or smaller belts to order. Complex part, "old school" production, however, very effective and less chance of damage during assembly. This is also why PKM links traditionally cost more than the simpler to produce, much higher volume 7.62 x 51 M-13 or 5.56x45 M-27 NATO links.