Current Production AGS-17 30 x 29 mm Automatic Grenade Launchers, Links & Ammuntion


A) We offer new current 2017/2017 production 30mm ammuntion for the AGS-17 and new production AGS-17 Links in the following current configuations


- 30 x 29mm VOG-17M HE (high explosive) with fragmentation warhead


- 30 x 29mm TP (target practice) traning ammuntion with inert projectile


- 30 x 29mm AGS-17 metalic link belts


B) Soviet AGS-17 "Plamya" 30mm Automatic Grenade Launchers for sale, new qualified production re-startted. Please inquire for more information 


Basic Offer: 30mm Automatic Grenade Launcher AGS-17 "Plamya", brand new, from stock, unissued, complete with tripod and accessories, including 3 drums for ammunition for each grenade launcher. Each drum comes with 3, 10 round sectionally disintegrating belts for each drum. Total: for each launcher 3 drums and 9 belts x 10 links each one - 90 links (pictured below).


Cost:  Please inquire for more information as a formal Governmnet request or Commericial        Buyer on letter-head


Packaging: 1 piece in one wooden case

Dimension 1,070x 490x 600mm

Gross weight: 83kg/net

Net weight 50kg


Delivery:  Depending on what is ordered and when, including some from stock from time to time


Payment:  Standard Internationally accepted payment terms outlined within a formal offer


Parity:      FOB Airport. Customer shippinhg or the shipping and export can be completely handled by our company at cost so as to be completely impartial on the shipping.


Validity:   Specified in the offer details.


Qualification: These launchers, links and grenades are produced to the Quality Assurance and acceptance TDP package for standard East Block / Warsaw Pact military "class A combat" qualified ammunition and ordnance.