Offer of Entire Production Line for Small Arms Handgun Ammunition Manufacture & Assembly ( NOW SOLD ): THIS INFORMATION IS NOW FOR CUSTOMER TECHNICAL REFERENCE ONLY.


Circa 1950-1970's (refurbished) & new or near new machinery for cartridge & projectile production and assembly and packaging of small arms cartridges


We have an entire handgun ammunition production line which includes not only the assembly and packaging of complete ammunition from components but also for the production of handgun projectiles and cartridge cases as well. This provides the potential new owner complete independence of production which, beyond the offer, is attractive in itself. Pictures (31) of the entire line are available upon request or can be e-mailed if you wish.


The production capacity of this ammunition line for an 8 hour shift is 25,000 cartridge cases, 25,000 projectiles, and 28,000 complete rounds of ammunition. Running at a maximum capacity of 3 shifts per day, the output is 75,000 cartridge cases, 75,000 projectiles and 84,000 complete rounds of ammunition in a full 24 hour period, flat-out.


The machines are simple to operate, which lowers requirements for worker qualifications. A typical shift involves 13 workers per shift, plus a shift leader and a tool setter. The universality and flexibility of the machines allows for quick set-up without long delays in production.


So far to date, the production machinery line has been used to manufacture the following calibers of components & complete ammunition:


7.65 Browning

7.65 LUGER

9mm Browning (9 x 17)

9mm Makarov (9 x 18)

9mm LUGER (9 x 19, 9mm PARA)

9 x 21


Cost A: Production Line Equipment ( Equipment only)

Equipment available under this offer includes:

Line for surface treatment

rotary 5-drum de-greasing unit (30,000 pieces per hour)

rotary drum pickling unit (30,000 pieces per hour)

polishing unit (30,000 pieces per hour)

1 annealing furnace (6,600 to 24,000 pieces per hour depending on type of cup)


Manufacture of cases

1 drawing press for 1st draw of case (3,125 pieces per hour)

1 drawing press for 2nd draw of case (3,125 pieces per hour)

1 cutting to length machine (4,000 pieces per hour)

1 crank press for blanking operation (2,500 pieces per hour)*

2 crank presses for heading (5,625 pieces per hour)* combine both items for 3,125 pieces per hour

2 crank presses for flash-hole piercing (4,500 pieces per hour)

2 crank presses for calibration (4,500 pieces per hour)

3 automatic lathes for canelure turning (4,125 pieces per hour)

1 visual inspection automatic machine (2,750 pieces per hour)

1 dimensional inspection machine


Manufacture of bullets

1 double-action crank press for pressing cups from brass strips including strip-retractor

2 drawing presses for bullet-jacket draw (5,000 pieces per hour)

2 crank presses for lead wire extrusion (3,750 pieces per hour)

2 bullet assembly presses (3,125 to 3,375 pieces per hour)

1 unit for bullet measuring - dimensional inspection of bullets


Priming, loading & assembly of cartridges

2 priming machines (3,750 pieces per hour)

1 loading & assembly machine (3,500 pieces per hour)

1 machine for packing (7,500 pieces per hour)

1 automatic machine for visual inspection (2,500 pieces per hour)


Cost A for the above production line machinery, which includes packing in sea containers on our dock including blocking and bracing is 2,900,000.00 Euros.


Cost B: Technical & Design Documentation (documentation only)

Technical documentation (documentation only)


Appropriate placement of machines

Guidelines and procedures for operator of machines

Technical conditions and methods of construction

Description of operations

Design documentation (documentation only)


For manufacture of semi-finished products

For manufacture of tools, including recommendation of suitable materials

For manufacture of ammunition in accordance with European CIP standards


Cost B for the above technical and design documentation only (consulting services not included) is. 250,000.00 Euros.

Optional Training, Start-up, Servicing & Consulting

Please note that the services offered below are not part of this offer and are completely optional, depending on the needs of the customer. Cost for these optional services as set out below can be negotiated, dependent upon the level of support required by the customer. This offer is completely separate and the above machinery remains subject to prior sale in the meantime.


Training of personnel (optional)


On-site training of buyer’s personnel at start-up

Production Line Start-up (optional)


Machine placement, set-up and tool installation

Supervise start-up of machines and the entire production line


Servicing (optional)

two or three years of repair service, as required


Consulting (optional)

two or three years of technical advice & consultation as required (might include advice on tool-room equipment & selection, recommendations on ballistic test-room set-up & material inputs for production, including sourcing recommendations).


Offer Conditions


Payment: 100% bank letter of credit by internationally recognized bank or 50% on deposit with order and with the 50% balance within 60 days and before shipment, whichever comes sooner. Payment will be organized under a written agreement to this effect.


Inspection: On sight inspection is available on request, but requires a 5,000.00 Euro inspection deposit to define serious customers. This deposit is refundable only if there are serious discrepancies in the description/condition of the machinery or if the machinery sells before a customer places an order. In this case the deposit is returned without question or comment. An inspection deposit does not hold the machinery, only a 50% order deposit holds the machinery as outlined above. The 5,000.00 Euro inspection deposited will be credited towards the purchase price to be fair. The sole purpose of this policy is to identity serious customers and separate them from others for both the successful customer’s benefit and ours.


Packing: Sea containers, blocked and braced


Transport: By sea, truck or rail.


Validity: Subject to prior sale to the first confirmed order with payment.


Parity: Ex works factory. We will provide shipping to your door at cost, to be completely impartial on the shipping, or you can organize yourself.


Delivery: 90 days or less after receiving the full set of documents for establishing export permission including EUC.