Aviation Projects & Programs

                                                     18th June 2018


One of the foundations of our group of companies is aviation. We program and project manage specific aviation projects and programs on a case by case basis within our areas of expertise inclding one CAS and inflight refueling, cargo transport logstic aircraft, and rotary wing. More specific information can be provided upon request from standing up and fielding complete aircraft into ongoing operation to parts production in a number of manufacturing processes, spare parts, systems integration, ordnance and special projects. Due to the obvious complexities involved this is a very slowly developing section page of our website that we are in no hurry to expand rapidly. Please excuse the lack of detail at the moment as we perfer substance over style however, we wil responde to specific fixed wing requests in detail, and including both Mi-8 / Mi-17 and UH-60 A & A+ rotary wing briefly introduced below.


Update June 2016. We now have the techical and overhaul capacity at a rate of 2-3 airframes every 180 days for Sikorsky UH-60 Blackhawk series transport helicopters including upgrades, engine upgrades & swaps, flight range extensions, .50cal/12.7 defensive port & starboard door guns, and add & subtract Medevac and some ISR and SAR capability. We will also consider trade exchanges for Mi-8 / Mi 17 Mi-171 helicopter series, including those in need of general overhaul or engine replacements and upgrades. As the exchange option is a new company program, please enquire for more information.


October 2017 update


SIKORSKY UH-60 BLACK HAWK Helicopters from UH-60 A , A+ on up, either completely serviceable or for overhaul or for parts to support our UH-60 program of transport, Medevac, defensively armed Medevac fire control and utility. Please enquire for more information

We have established mature capability to strip down military UH-60s for restricted class use, and export for international aid and assistance programs

Currently also looking for UH-60 gun and ordnance mounts for refurbishment, depending on the type and class


Please enquire for specific information


MIL Mi - 8 / Mi 17 series and Mi 24 series Helicopters


MIL Mi - 8 / Mi 17 series and Mi 24 series Helicopter Eastern Standard overhaul and up-grade program qualified under the NATO system. We can also provide qualified used airframes for sale, as available (please inquire), with documented histories and sufficient time remaning for a solid and effective service life and safe operation. This work can be program managed and certified by a former Ministry of Defence MIL helicopter program manager.

We have also developed this program since 2002 to in include overhaul, upgrade, and installation of modern defensive 12.7/.50cal mount "door guns" to correct the technical inability of .30 cal/7.62 guns to effectively engage at aerial air to ground target distances, rendering them outranged and undergunned; effectively useless in many cases with fatal consequences for the mission and the crew.

We can work with customer supplied airframes providing they are technically repairable and with enough service life in them. We will not accept work, as a matter of professional conduct, on any airframes destined to fly, which in our technical opinion are past their service life or are unfit for service under any circumstances; otherwise known as "flying on the wild side". Airframes such as that are only suitable for ground training or static display and we will only support such uses for worn out airframes, or for spare parts with documented traceable histories.


Due to the shear compelexity of each sale or work project or program, please enquire for specific information to support your specific aviation requirements.