UPDATED November 2017


The long term success of our companies depend not primarily on our equipment or our properties, but rather on the type and caliber of the people that we hire as one of our greatest assets. From time to time we hire people in the following areas to support our company’s ongoing progress that support the people in the field in the following areas:


- Administration, both full time and part time.

- Ordnance Design & Engineering, and CAD/CAM.

- Experienced tool makers-.

- Finance and long term planing including business development.

- Marketing with an emphasis on technical skill.

- Shipping logistics.


We are looking for people that are interested and committed in seeing our company succeed and it is essential to us that it really does work both ways because we have found that genuine job satisfaction truly does work when commitment is both given and expected. We both have to feel that we have the ability to make a difference.


We welcome resumes with covering letters and references on an ongoing basis so that we can draw from this human resource pool as our company and its projects and programs evolve. Submissions are accepted by fax only.


As of February 2017 we are actively looking for:


A) Additional administrative staff; part time & part time with the possibility if full time.


Previous military experience and the ability to work as a genuinely cohesive team, combined with the ability to "think out of the box" and improvise in complex, fluid situations is considered an asset.


Later this year we will be looking for


B) Additional administrative staff, full time

C) Experienced Tool Makers

D) Experience CAD/CAM machining center operators.


Please forward your CV and covering letter to the location in which you are looking for employment and possibly a career