DANA-77 152mm Auto-loading Howitzer

8x8 wheeled 152 mm armoured self-propelled, auto loading Howitzer (picture shown in completely overhauled and combat ready condtion).
Vehicles in stock from, 1600 km to 24,000 km mileage.


Dana 77 during Fire Mission



Special Development Note: 155mm DANA-77conversions from existing 152 x 547.6mm DANA-77s. We are in the process of developing and qualifying a practical 155mm conversion of exsiting 152mm guns in 39 caliber only, to finally make use of our 155mm ammuntion (link), including M-107 HE, M-110A2 WP Smoke, and M-485A1 illuminating. More information upon request.


N.B. We are an anomaly in our industry in that we actually believe in what we do enough to hold inventory, on a case by case business. In addition to our inventory we can provide complete 4, 6 and 8 gun batteries depending on your needs. We also produce and ship the 152mm Eastern Standard ammunition in six configurations with the 547.5mm brass cartridge case with a number of fuze options. More information can be found on our Eastern Standard artillery ammunition page(link). For qualified military buyers who are completely new to an auto loading 8 x 8 wheeled howitzer we suggest the investment of one overhauled to new (1) Dana 77 howitzer as a “proof of concept” purchase under normal commercial standards(2). with an option of one 20ft or 40ft sea container (smallest viable, shippable purchase) of 152mm ammunition, HE only with basic PD fuze. If one howitzer proves itself well, more can follow. If not, you still have one very effective, highly mobile 8 x 8 self propelled gun that still puts older 152mm and even 155mm heavy artillery systems and the 122mm Grad rocket system to shame in terms of accuracy, range and shear flexibility. Comparable mobile 8 x 8 heavy autoloading Howitzers in produced in 2018 and going forward are significantly expensive by comparasion, and don't necessaily have the same overland mobility that the Dana excels at for such a large gun and vehilce.


(1) an “overhauled to new” 152mm howitzer represents a fraction of the cost of a new system with many updated option that result in excellent value for a very formidable, highly mobile fast firing 152mm Howitzer. We are firmly convinced that if the former “Czechoslovakia” had not been in the Warsaw Pact in the 1970s and 1980s, the Dana 77 would have easily become a NATO and Western Standard in 155mm, and most likely would have become an International industry standard in self propelled heavy artillery.


(2) People that start actual business with us and genuinely work as a team, usually end up coming back and looking to do more business, based not only on good value but also the attention to detail and high professional standards which are both offered and expected in return. This is part of the reason we offer to sell one “proof of concept gun” so that you can use this to “vote with your pocketbook” and determine whether we have earned your confidence that we genuinely support the people in the field, our raison d'etre, and deserve any more business or not.


We have a number of batteries of these guns on hand, subject to export approval, and subject to prior sale. Please inquire.


Basic Specifications: 

  • Length: 11.356m (36.91 ft)

  • Width: 3.00 m (9.75 ft)

  • Height: 3.53 m (11.47 ft)

  • Weight: 28,300 kg. (with 40 pc of ammuntion)

  • Weight" 29,450 Kg (with 60pc of ammunition)

  • Performance:

    • Maximum Road Speed: 80 km/h (50 mph)

    • Range: 600 km (373 mi)

    • Rate of Fire: Autoloading: 6 rounds in the first minite. 3 rpm for 30 minutes. Manual: 2 rpm. Speed upgrades optional.

    • Maximum Gun Range:Standard 18 km (11 mi) or 22km (13,670 mi) + extended range options. 

    • Fording: 1 m (4.59 ft)

    • Vertical Obstacle: 1.5 m (5ft)

    • Traversing trench/obstacle: 1.4m (4.59 ft)

  • Crew: 4 to 5

  • Armament:

    • Primary: One 152mm autoloading Howitzer (can also be manually loaded), barrel length: 5,580 mm (37 caliber) barrel & longer barrel options available.

    • Secondary: One Heavy Machine Gun 12.7 x 108mm DshK/M & One RPG-7 rocket launcher. We also supply, as options, other 12.7 x 108mm NSV,7.62 x 54R PKM, Browning .50cal Browning and 7.62x51 Nato options in addition to a protected gun position and remote operated gun system as required.

  • Elevation: -4° to +70°

  • Traverse: ±45° (further flexibility optional)

  • Powerplant: one V-12 air cooled diesel engine delivering 345 Horsepower (257.27 kW)

These vehicles can be provided either operational as they stand, "combat overhauled" , upgraded, or 155mm converted (extesive conversion but less costly than new), or deactivated to US BATF import standards at additional cost. We provide an extensive range of both Eastern Standard 152mm and Western/NATO Standard 155mm Howitzer ammunition to qualified buyers. We provide transport logistics at cost and can assist in the mechanical inspection before sale.

This is a truly remarkable and highly mobile 152mm howitzer which is not only very capable in current service but whose wider distribution was only stunted by its former Warsaw Pact origins. The Dana 77 has arguably one of the best overland compatibilities in its class with its beautifully engineered 8 x 8 wheeled chassis. As of 2010 Caina-Longbranch holds even further optional improvement/upgrades to this chassis & firing platform.

We offer the complete Dana 77 or only the 152 x 547.5mm (brass or steel cartridge case) complete autoloading gun & turret system