Updated 8th January, 2020


We feel that, when possible, and as time permits, it is important to support contributions to Registered Military History / War, Ordnance and Aviation Museums. They represent not only military, aviation and ordnance history but form an integral part of our understanding of International Affairs in past history and current world events.


Due to our extensive 35 years in this industry and as interested students of history and as collectors ourselves, on a case by case bases, we are happy to support these museums by helping to find equipment and parts. In most/many cases we are happy to do this as a public service within reason for only the hard costs incurred and not as a financial sale transaction for ourselves. Our extensive experience in permits and International shipping can also be brought to bear.


If you have the necessary credentials or are supporting a museum and are looking for something please contact us and we will see if we can help now or in the future by keeping a register of wanted equipment. If you have something and do not want to see a possibility irreplaceable part of history scrapped or destroyed please contact us. Even if it is not rare or unique to you it may be at least in need by other museums. Please keep in mind that most of these museums depend on donations and can also supply tax receipts in most/many cases depending on the country and your own. In other cases equipment can also be bought, sold and traded depending on the wishes of the parties involved, including sales with the proceeds going to a charity of their choice. 


For example we are currently looking for obsolete German production Junkers Jumo 213 inverted V-12 inline aircraft engines, cores & related parts and equipment (pictured below).  We will also consider Junkers Jumo 211s, and Daimler Benz DB603, and DB 601 engines  Please also refer to our Dana-77 152mm 8x8 self propelled gun system page for possible trade /exchanges.


Wanted for Purchase or Exchange, some examples:

-  47mm Hotchkiss Quick Firing 3 pounder, MK-1. Both data for rebuilding the recoil system, plus a list of spare parts wanted.

-  German Leopard 2 series tank variations.

- .50cal Browning aircraft gun mounts

- MG-42/ MG-1 / MG-3 series guns.



These engines are almost 2.6 meters / 9 ft long and weight just over 900 kgs / 2000 lbs 

These engines are approximately 2.6 meters /9ft long and weigh about 900 kgs. /2000 lbs.