Production Machinery: For Sale & Wanted  Updated 28th October, 2019 with more to be added shortly


N.B About this time of year due to up tempo combat operations support, and now two donated medical aid projects for two seperate AORs, we temporarily partially suspend our machinery sales which in fact is only a relatively small sideline unless we have ongoing business with an established customer. Time is now at a premium. Please feel free to contact us in any event and we will let you know what is possible or not.


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Due to the nature of our Small Arms Ammunition, smallarms production and other Aviation and Industrial production business we also buy and sell western Standard & Eastern Standard ammunition production and loading and metallic link machinery and other machinery to accomplish new projects & programs, increase production and sometimes support other manufacturers that need other machinery or also buy ammunition components from our company on an OEM basis. Some manufacturers see other ammunition producers and they see a competitor. We see a business opportunity as no one ultimately dominates the entire market unless one is willing to work 36 hours a day, 8 days per week. We’ve already "done the math" and it just doesn’t "compute".


Some of the machinery we have in stock or sale, subject to prior sale. We also buy or sell/exchange component production and loading and metallic link machinery as well; primarily from 5.56mm/.223 cal to 12.7 x 99 & 12.7 x 108mm in addition to some larger calibers including 40mm low, medium & high velocity grenades.


Special Note as of July 2016


We can offer you specific machinery that we have in excess as noted. We can also keep you in mind for specific machinery needs of yours as they become available


As far as setting up complete lines for production from new, rebuilt or overhauled machinery, this as a request is an extensive multi-month undertaking costing tens of thousands of dollars in up front overhead on our part. We do not engage in bids, hoping to sell machinery to new customers; expending 10s of 1000s of dollars in time and money in the process. Usually, we only offer complete ammunition production lines under the circumstances of an ongoing, already mutually profitable relationship in which we are supporting the expansion of long term business colleagues and partners. In some cases we may start by selling ammunition components, as available. Investing this sort of time and resources outside of that picture is impractical and financially unprofitable for us. Please keep in mind that we are first and foremost in the ammunition production business, and the machinery is only a "break even" side line and sometimes money losing process as a result of being in the ammunition production business for the last 32+ years. This is part of the reason why we only under take it on a case by case basis with the framework of ongoing business relationship.


We hope this helps to give you a better idea of what we do and the parameters in which we are able to do it


Used and /or overhauled Machines (All machines are subject to prior sale to the first confirmed order).



Entire Production Line for Small Arms Handgun Ammunition Manufacture & Assembly


Handgun Ammunition Primer Pocket Varnishing Machine


Waterbury Farrell In-Line Small Arms Ammunition Loading Machine


Henry & Wright .30 cal Pierce & Priming Machine for rifle ammunition 


Other Machines without seperate page:


A) We have one extra completely original factory overhauled high speed 5.56mm M-27 & 7.62 x 51mm M-13 link stamping machine currently available, complete with new optional feed equipment for sale or trade /exchange. Production speed: "cruises" very reliably at" 600 parts per minute. Set up for European current, but can be converted back to North American. Sale now pending.  Please    


B) Two only: Waterbury Farrel Arsenal In-line smallarms loading machines (Powdering & loading primed cases to a complete cartridge). One in 7,62 x 51 Caliber (complete & Running), and the same machine in 9 x 19mm Para in need of parts and overhaul. Both machines are the same and can be tooled for either rifle/machine gun caliber (except .50cal.) or pistol/handgun ammunition Please inquire for more information. Subject to prior sale to the first confirmed order


C) One only: .50 cal Waterbury Farrel priming machine missing some parts but largely whole. No page for this one item, please inquire. No longer missing the upper blocks for tooling and tooling holders, apature, hopper and transfer bar. In need of assembly and partial overhaul. $29,500.00 USD



D) One only: .50cal Waterbury Farrel Priming machine complete and ready to plug in already tooled and ready to prime. North American (American Current), but can be converted for other power systems at additional cost. 


E) Two machines: Bliss 50/12 projectile assembly transfer press (50 ton, 12 stations), mechanical clutch and Farracute version as well with air clutch/ Fullly operational and were running non military production in October 2014.  More detail to follow, or please inquire with specifics. Sold Oct 2019


N.B. We are also looking for smaller 30 ton 15 station transfer presses such as Bliss 30/15s or Waterbury Farrel 6600s or other similar makes of transfer presses for projectile assembly.


F) Austrian Emco Maximat V-10P bench top lathe with milling attachment and table, used, excellent condition: SOLD


N.B. We are currently looking for machinery to increase our projectile and cartridge case production in .50cal Browning from 500,000 rounds to 1,000,000 rds per month. We are also looking for additional machinery to modestly increase 5.56 & 7.62/.30 cal tracer, API, and APIT projectile production.


We are looking for used machinery for loading, primarily rifle but also some pistol ammunition or also or machinery suitable for both. Caliber ranges from 5.56mm to 12.7 /.50cal