Company Profile & Our Vision


The Caina-Longbranch Defence Systems Group of companies was established in 1985 and is in its 35th year of International Firearms, Ordnance and IMO / explosives production, sub-contracting, distribution and International shipping logistic experience.


Our company in Bosnia i Herzegovina was formed in 2006 to support production and business development with our company’s long term relationships in the former Yugoslavia and Eastern Europe that extends back to 1986 as an integral part of our group of companies. Business in the former Yugoslavia dissolved in 1991, sadly with the outbreak of the civil war but was re-established in 1998 long after the war ended and stability returned. Our company in Sarajevo also serves as our European daughter company and for other complimentary factories throughout Eastern Europe, especially for projects and programs requiring genuine teamwork throughout our huge established network, even if we do compete with each other from time to time. Some people see a competitor, - we see a business opportunity. A second company is being formed in Europe for Western European/NATO distribution


Caina-Longbranch Defence Systems expanded to the United States in 2007 to further support our US Government business since 1994 in addition to our other military, commercial and sub-contracting customers and suppliers for the past 35 years.


We are dedicated to supporting the people in the field who in many cases put everything on the line for us or stand up for others until they are able to stand up for themselves. You and I get to go home at night. These people do not. We see our raison d 'etre as supporting these people in accomplishing their mission and coming home safe.


Both North American companies are individually CCR and ORCA registered for U.S. Government military contracting and also certified under the Militarily Critical Technical Data Agreement by the U.S./Canada Joint Certification Office for Militarily Critical Technical Data.


In addition to being a NATO Defence Contractor involved in Western/Mil. Spec. and International Standard, since 1986 we have specialized in Eastern Standard Ordnance and Ammunition and maintain an extensive equipment and logistic capability that is simply unmatched anywhere in North America, and even elsewhere in some areas.


Our Eastern European and International network includes not only production but also long term business development & investment. This includes NATO standard-ization in both production and packaging for P.O.P. (Performance Oriented Packaging) for transport. We have been involved in Eastern Europe for decades and will continue to be involved long after the current “gold rush” atmosphere has come and gone. For real business partners and colleagues our business and its future continues to be based on genuine teamwork with long term business and personal relationships throughout our International Network that have taken many years to build, rather than transient relationships of convenience that come and go.


Caina-Longbranch also specializes in what we would refer to as "Concept Design Engineering". In simple English this involves not only the development of new ammunition & equipment, but also the enhancement of existing ordnance and equipment, either by bringing together a variety of ideas and innovations from various fields to create new ammunition & equipment that correct existing problems or by meeting new requirements in both the Defence and Commercial/Civilian field.


Since the inception of our group of companies we are also involved in counter-trade; exchanging surplus / obsolete ordnance and equipment, including some aircraft and some vehicles, for new ordnance and equipment. As defence budgets change this can be a significant boost to many new acquisitions.