International Shipping Logistics and IMO/Ammunition & Explosive Cargo:


Small arms ammunition loaded in a 20ft sea container,

blocked and braced according to U.S. DOD,

POP (Performance Oriented Packaging) specifications.

Since the inception of our group of companies in 1985 we have worked to development a unique interest and expertise in International Shipping Logistics by Sea Freight, Airfreight, Rail and truck in both the military and commercial field. This has always been one of the keys to the success of our Ordnance & Ammunition business as if one cannot effectively ship in an efficient and cost effective way, coupled with the ever increasing shipping and security regulations the delivery can be delayed, defeated,  sabotaged, or somehow hung up from the beginning.. Through an extensive network of specialized professional shippers and our own internal 32+ years of shipping experience we can effectively organize & program manage shipping from our dock to the customers final destination whether it be commercially, to military bases or ports, or to operational theatres around the world.  We have previously executed all of these variations successfully, including "wrangling" special permissions, and paperwork by our Company when required.  This shipping experience has been developed and distilled in to unique capability level of specialized experience that is not available from most freight forwarders let alone an internal capability within most other defence contractors.


We pack and ship in accordance with U.S. DOD (Department of Defence) P.O.P (Performance Oriented Packing) packing specifications.  This allows our shipments to travel most places in the world including U.S. and NATO bases and on cargo aircraft without restriction.

To be completely impartial on the shipping our Company has always had a policy of offering the shipping costs at cost without any profit included for our own Company. The permits and paperwork are done internally free of charge except for any actual hard costs we incur, which again are charged at cost. This allows us to objectively and impartially sit down with each customer and, working as a team, decide who among us has the most effective and efficient shipping solution at that moment with that particular shipment as we financially have “no dog in that fight”.  We believe that we succeed when our customers succeed, -  and this approach to shipping (and business) has served us well for over three decades. ..............



One of our chartered Antonov AN-124-100 cargo aircraft with a 120,000 km max load emergency ordnance airlift.   One of our chartered Ilyushin IL 76TD cargo aircraft before take off with a full IMO cargo load






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